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What You’ll Learn

Master the art of hybrid trading, leverage advanced automation tools, and create a personalized trading plan for consistent profits. Learn how other smart traders are achieving financial success in the forex market without the usual struggles.

Material Includes

Course Curriculum

01. Introduction to Forex Trading

Understanding the Forex Market

Basics of Forex Trading and Terminologies

Setting Up Your Forex Trading Account

02. The Truth About Automation

Introduction to Forex Automation Software

Choosing the Right Forex Automation Tools

Customizing Your Automated Trading System

03. Discover Hybrid Trading

Exploring the Concept of Hybrid Trading

Combining Automation and Manual Analysis

Developing a Hybrid Trading Strategy

04. Goal Setting & Expectations

Begin with the End in Mind

Creating a Profitable Trading Framework

Back test and Optimize Like a Boss

05. Risk Management in Forex Trading

Understanding Risk and Reward in Forex Trading

Position Sizing and Money Management Techniques

Using Automated Risk Management Tools

06. Emotional Discipline & Management

The Impact of Emotions on Forex Trading

Developing a Disciplined Trading Mindset

Using Automation to Avoid Emotional Trading

07. AI in Forex Trading

The Role of AI in Forex Trading

AI-Based Trading Signals and Predictive Analytics

08. Your Personal Freedom Formula

Incorporating Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Developing a Trading Routine and Schedule

Adjusting Your Trading Plan for Market Changes

09. Scaling Your Trading Business

Analyzing & Optimizing Your Trading Results

$1Million+ in Trading Capital (Prop Firm Blueprint)

Bonus Lesson: Crypto Wealth Code

What The Community Has To Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Shai K.

I just want to take a moment to express supreme gratitude. You guys are building something legendary, and I am grateful to participate in this community.

Parker R.

Using your system, I now make in less than a month the type of returns that would normally take an entire year to earn. I have the skills to consistently profit by trading.

Anthony L.

I am very grateful for finding your tools. Somebody close to me had a stroke and this system gave me the ability to take off the entire Month of August to be with her 100% - My outlook on life has changed

Dee T.

I have made over $30,000 since joining. Elevated FX has changed my perspective of the Forex markets, and hopefully I will continue to grow with the company!

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