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Build your path to trading elevation with fx mastery & automation – your passport to success in the financial markets leveraging smart trading playbooks combined with smart software. Welcome to the other side. 😎 🤖



Join a vibrant community of traders, ongoing support through masterminds. 



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Acquire a proven blueprint for executing trades with confidence and maximizing capital growth



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Gain instant access to comprehensive educational resources and risk management software.

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Leverage advanced automation tools to streamline entries, risk & equity management.

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Community Mastermind

Ka$h alerts (Ai Powered Alerts)

Crazy Pips Ebook

Hybrid trading Blueprint

Risk & Equity Automation

On-demand trading course

Weekly Analysis & Projections

Forex Automation Suite

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Frequently asked questions:

Elevated Fx is a comprehensive trading platform that combines education, software tools, and community support for forex traders. What sets us apart is our focus on hybrid trading, which integrates automated risk and equity management into any trading strategy.

Hybrid trading combines manual trading skills with automated tools. Our approach involves leveraging proven software to manage risks and equity, reducing emotional decision-making. This not only enhances precision in trading but also minimizes the challenges faced by many traders, such as overleveraging, over trading, and revenge trading. 

The on-demand trading course covers everything from, market structure breakdowns, to goal setting,  to strategic journaling routines. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, offering insights into building profitable frameworks and navigating the markets with precision.

The Fx Mastery & Titan plans provide access to powerful software tools. This includes risk and equity management automation, personal trade managers, and complex equity management. These tools are designed to streamline your trading process, from position sizing to handling dynamic market conditions.

The 3-step freedome formula—Plan, Execute, Optimize—focuses on developing a personalized trading plan, incorporating hybrid trading strategies, and continually optimizing through journaling. This approach is designed to guide traders towards consistent, profitable results.

Yes, Elevated Fx offers continuous support through a community of traders, daily insights, and weekly webinars. This ensures that members can stay informed, engaged, and have their queries addressed promptly. You can also book 1-1 coaching calls if you need the extra assistance.

Members can cancel their subscription at any time. We offer a 30-day risk-free trial for $97 to test drive the system. If within 14 days of making the purchase, you followed our 3 step formula and don’t find value in the trial, we will refund the full $97.

Absolutely. Elevated Fx is committed to ongoing education. Beyond the initial onboarding, members have access to a wealth of resources, including webinars, community discussions, and additional training materials to support their evolving trading journey.

Our done-for-you internal affiliate system allows members to earn seamlessly from any product their referrals buy. Affiliates receive an 80% commission on ebook sales and a 50% commission on all other products, including trial offers, monthly, and yearly plans.

Not only do you earn from product sales, you are also able to embed other affiliate IDs within the system and get paid for those sales as well if your referrals sign up for those offers. For example (tradingview, tradezella, tradersedge).

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