Your Ultimate Tool for Precise Forex Trade Execution

Picture yourself confidently placing and entering, with full confidence that you will never overleveraged on any single position. With iCue Trade Manager, you can eliminate guesswork and trade with precision.

iCue does just what it's told. Fully customizable settings + auto execution.​

Effortlessly Optimize Your Trades for Expert Position Sizing


Precision Trade Execution

iCue Trade Manager ensures timely and accurate trade execution, reducing the risk of missed opportunities.


Customizable Position Sizing

Scale your trading income by intelligently managing your position sizes and leveraging available capital.


Simplified Portfolio Management

Seamlessly manage multiple trades and currency pairs with ease, enhancing your overall trading experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions and concerns we have received for this tool. Our intention is to provide you with clarity on the software and how you can use it for your trading.

Yes, iCue Trade Manager adapts to your preferred trading style, helping scalpers, day traders, and swing traders optimize their trades.

Absolutely, iCue Trade Manager allows you to set your desired risk per trade, ensuring your trades align with your risk management strategy.

Yes, iCue Trade Manager is compatible with all MT4 powered trading platforms, making it versatile and accessible for traders across platforms. 

Certainly, iCue Trade Manager simplifies trade management, making it user-friendly for traders at all experience levels.

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