phantom equity trail helps pass FTMO prp firm challenge
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Create a Plan

The average trader has no clear plan and therefore “no” path to success. Learn how to build a profitable forex trading business from the ground up. Accessible 24/7 worldwide even if it’s 2am on a monday.

Apply Automation

Deploy proven world class tools offering DIVERSIFICATION in usage, frameworks, risk appetite & growth potential. Eliminate greed & emotion using proven forex automation tools. 

Invest & Multiply

Discover how to tap into millions of dollars of trading capital. Create a stream of active income using (OPM) other people’s money. Our software suite is specifically engineered for trading prop firms.

Forex Automation Tools Engineered to Help You Create Time Freedom

Whether you’re a beginner, or have years under your belt, our strategies can help you save time, increase your profits, and achieve your financial goals. Discover the efficiency, time-saving, and reduced stress-boosting aspects of Forex automation. We have the best forex software for consistent profits.

Discover Insights to elevate your financial confidence and unlock your potential

No more sleepless nights staring at charts – with Elevated Fx, you can confidently execute winning trades while having more time for what matters. Envision a trading journey where your profits are protected and optimized, without you constantly monitoring your positions

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Shai K.

I just want to take a moment to express supreme gratitude. You guys are building something legendary, and I am grateful to participate in this community.

Dee T.

I have made over $30,000 since joining. Elevated FX has changed my perspective of the Forex markets, and hopefully I will continue to grow with the company!

Parker R.

Using your system, I now make in less than a month the type of returns that would normally take an entire year to earn. I have the skills to consistently profit by trading.

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